Meet the team

Sarah Moore

“Core29 is simply about transforming business processes to set the pace in the digital world”

Sarah Moore, Director
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Jaye Deighton

“At Core29 we believe you can only make a real difference by being different”

Jaye Deighton, Director
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Stuart White

“At Core29, everything we do is delivered with focus on the client’s objectives”

Stuart White, Director
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Cor Staring

“I enjoy my work because it is innovative, challenging and gives me a lot of opportunities to gain experience”

Cor Staring, Project Manager
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Simon Lynn

“Every day we have the opportunity to dramatically improve the way people work, less mundane tasks and more leveraging of skills”

Simon Lynn, Project Manager
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Robert Goss

“There’s a lot to be said for those critical moments of data insight; when you expose the trends, discover the unexpected, and understand with clarity the next steps for your business”

Robert Goss, Senior Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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Chris Chree

“There’s a saying, you learn something new every day and in my role that saying couldn’t be more true”

Chris Chree, Associate Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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