Digital Strategy

The second step…

If you have completed our Digital Maturity Assessment you are probably wondering how you now bring everything together to reach your digital objectives and close out any risks.
How do we do it?

  • Consultant led deep dive discovery sessions into key operational and business processes; covering everything from organisational vision and objectives, to culture and technology roadmaps;this can be as wide as looking at the business or group as a whole, or as narrow as looking at a particular part or process within the business
  • Depending on the scale of the scope this can range from two weeks to eight weeks of on site analysis to complete the discovery (elapsed time)
  • Two weeks to deliver our report and recommendations

What do you get?

A comprehensive report including:

  • Documented ‘as is’ process maps and ‘to be’ process maps focusing on process optimisation and efficiency
  • Detailed pain point analysis, including root cause and mitigation
  • Detailed risk analysis
  • Long, short and medium-term recommendations
  • Budgetary costings and estimated timeline for delivery and implementation
  • Efficiency, cost saving and ROI analysis
  • Data and reporting requirements (e.g. for business intelligence)
  • Review of your existing technology, and an independent review of its future suitability to the direction of the business
  • Next step recommendation

Optional (if appropriate):

  • Bespoke or third party vendor diligence:
    • Market analysis and initial evaluation
    • Project scoping and full RFI process and vendor management
    • Selection and contract award support
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