Progressive Dilligence

Given enough time and information it’s pretty simple to pull together a ‘what’s the state of play’ diligence report.  While there is clear value in this approach, at Core29 we take that to the next level and look beyond the here and now to provide you a progressive diligence report.

When aligned to the business growth aims, our progressive due diligence report produces an actionable roadmap to ensure technology acts as an enabler for both short term cost savings, but most importantly creating organised and differentiated businesses which could add a turn of multiple upon exit.

In short - Tell us where you want to get to, and we will recommend innovative solutions to help get you there.  Whether this be in support of the organic evolution of your business, or in contemplation of a transaction.

Perhaps the rapid growth of your business has outgrown your legacy processes and supporting technology?  Might be time to look at things differently? #thisiswhatwedo

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